Roselina Bridesmaid Phone Case Set

Set of

Spread your love to your bridesmaid honored gift!

Special price $24 each for order 5 pcs, UP $135, now $120 only!

2 for $52 UP $54

3 for $75 UP $81

4 for $96 UP $108

5 for $120 UP $135

6 for $138 UP $162

7 for $154 UP $189

8 for $168 UP $216

We recommend our clients read our FAQ page, check each photo, device brand and the listing description before purchase.

Simply type your device brand, design code & printed name* that will be appear on your case in fill up menu before add to cart. If you do not wish to have any printed name, just leave it empty.

For example *Device brand : iPhone 7 *Design code : Roselina *Printed name: Roselina
To remove word 'Bridesmaid' please give us instruction on the special note box upon check out.

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Our cases are non-peeling or fading (stickers or decals are not used). All custom case design is printed on the case, it will last longer.